About fluency

BUSINESS_PORTRAITS_068B copy thumbnail 150fluency Sprachservice was founded by Dorothea Loefler in 2001. Dorothea has been bilingual in German and English since her early childhood. She studied French in Paris and trained and worked as a multilingual office assistant in London. She then went on to complete her university studies and to work as an agricultural engineer, landscape planner and conservationist. Dorothea holds two university degrees in natural sciences, a German teaching degree and a CELTA certificate. She has lived, worked, studied and done research in Germany, the United States, France, England, Uganda, Kenya, the Ivory Coast and China. She speaks more than five languages and has many years of professional experience. Dorothea has been teaching languages to students of all ages full-time since 1997 and has acted as an examiner in state school exams, university exams and exams at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.